Nothing better than a signature to seal a deal

Save time and money by using this new service. Rapidly obtain the signature that you need, on the spot, right from your own website. Your developer’s team, or ours, will be able to insert this signature on the desired space of your existing or to be created web forms. By adding a few lines of code that will call on our signature service, your forms will be signed on the spot from a computer, a tablet or a telephone.

pavé de signature

Measurable Gains

Savings in Travel Expenditures

Time saved by employees

Strong Business Commitments

Officialise business deals with your clients, members or other contacts using an electronic signature on your website. Say goodbye to unnecessary travel and missed appointments as well of all the expenses they entail. Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, you can get the signature you need, regardless of where the signer is. Get a legally recognized signature directly from your website or web application.

Here’s how:

The Signder Signature API allows you to get one or more signatures in a single operation on the part of the signer. It’s easy, secure and fast.

Your website connects transparently to our service in order to access the signature pad. Once entered, the signature is saved in our Cloud space and visible on your document or form in the selected location.

The best way to understand is to try it out! Click here, and try a free trial of our signature technology by entering a text to test the service.

Contact us for more information.

Pen to sign

Technical Advantages

Multiple Signatures with history

Multiple Signatories per document

Signder is an independent third party between the signatory and the requesting party

Signatory’s Authentication by security code, IP address, Date and Time

Security Code in case of modifications on the document

How it works in 5 easy steps

Step 1 : Filling out the Form

Your web or Windows application allows a user to fill out information on a form and to add a signature.This signature is attached with the help of Signder.

Step 1 : Filling out the Form

Step 2 : Requesting a Signature

When a user wants to sign a document or a form, they click the "Sign" button. Your form will then authenticate and send a reference number unique to the specific signature request.

Step 2 : Requesting a Signature

Step 3 : What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Our service returns a unique number (a token) from the signer to the requesting system. Using this reference number, a signature pad is activated and presented to the signer.

Step 3 : What’s Happening Behind the Scenes

Step 4 : The signature

Depending on their device, the signer can sign using a mouse, finger or a pen. The signer can redo the signature as needed before saving.

Step 4 : The signature

Step 5 : Locking the Signature

The requesting system receives the signature and places it in the desired space. Once the document or form is completed and signed, the requesting system informs our service that the request is closed. Therefore, the unique number (the token) used is processed and the signature is unique and locked.

Step 5 : Locking the Signature

Price by signature

  • Trial
  • 30 days after the beginning of your tests, you will be contacted to confirm or disable your subscription. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Price
  • 0,25$ per signature for the first 100 signatures
  • 0,20$ per signature for the 400 following (from 101 to 500)
  • 0,15$ per signature for the 500 following (from 501 to 1000)
  • 0,10$ per signature for all following
  • Recurring fee
  • 50$ by month by company

Measurable Gains Example

One of your rep must do a round trip Montreal-Quebec to get a signature. The trip should cost 254$ (0,50$ by kilometer). You also add 5:30 in travel time. With Signder API, your investment is: 50,25$.
Obviously, at the first signature, you get a measurable gain.

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