Electronic signature

Signder allows your client to sign from the tip of the finger on your mobile device. Furthermore, the customer does not need to be registered into Signder to sign. This feature is totally free with every Signder version. Whether you use a mobile phone, a tablet or a PC, your customer can sign. He will receive by email a PDF of the signed document.

Get you far away client to sign by email. All that is needed is an Internet connection to put a signature on a document. One more thing, you can have multiple signatures per document*

*Conditions apply.

What the law says

Electronic signatures on mobile devices or over the Internet are legal in Canada and Quebec. You can read the article here.

The documents are protected by SSL technology. The signatures are not kept on the server. Therefore, they can’t be reused for other documents. This will keep your customer’s mind at peace. The IP addresses of the devices used for the transaction are kept for further legal needs.

Someone who has put his signature on a mobile device

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