Reach higher results by accelerating the Sales Cycle with Signder for SMES

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Since it is important to take advantage of all opportunities, Signder brings the right solution to SMEs.

Your sales personnel wants the possibility to easily get a signature anywhere any time. A client says Yes? Get the signature right then and there on a mobile device; light and simple to use without awkward documents.

You can get an electronic signature anywhere, whether at the office, at the restaurant or on the beach. If the Internet is available, you get this signature. You can get multiple signatures on the same document. Quite useful when several deciders need to sign the order on site or remotely using the email signature.

Here is how:

Use your own information

Build your customer database and product catalog.

Generate your Quote

Using your customer database and product catalog, immediately create a quote.

Your customer signs!

Have your customer sign from the fingertip right then and there. Both will receive an email with a PDF of your signed quote.

Specific documents

To use your own documents, all you need to do is send them to us in a PDF or .DOCX format.

Your forms will be integrated to Signder.

These documents will also allow for more than one signature. We only need a week to deliver this custom prepared document and insert it to Signder. During that time, a generic form will be available to you so that you take advantage of the power of Signder right away. Contact us to know more.

Signder on an ipad
Example of a specific document

Quote more, Quote better, and Sell more